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GreenHRM Solutions
GreenHRM Solutions

About GreenHRM Solutions

The name GreenHRM Solutions goes perfectly well with our Mission, Vision & Core Values. GreenHRM Solutions will work towards:

  • Promoting the cause of environmental sustainability via the HR Domain.
  • How HR function can become the catalyst of environment sustainability.
  • How HRM Policies and Practices can promote the sustainable use of the resources.
  • How do we align HR Policies and Practices with global sustainability goals
  • Promotion for adopting triple bottom line People, Planet & Profit

We strongly feel, "Natural Resources, like Air, Water, Earth & Sun Light is what we have in common". Hence, it is our collective responsibility to avoid any dents & scars.

Why GreenHRM Solutions?

Problem Statement

We all are well aware of the ongoing global climate change, people have started to realise the impact on nature and the disasters it may bring as a response of our negligence. Human attitude, behaviour and habits, are one of the main contributor of this global situation.


GreenHRM Solutions intend to connect with all the HR Professionals to contribute in its own way for sustainable growth of the organisation. Our unique proposition will help in revisiting and recrafting HR Policies, Practices and Systems which sensitizes employees of the organisation towards green and sustainable use of resources for the benefit of all the stakeholders.

We strongly feel that "Natural Resources, like Air, Water, Mother Earth & Sun Light is what we all have in common", hence it’s our collective responsibility to avoid any dent & scars

Who are we

GreenHRM Solutions

GreenHRM Solutions is a new start-up company, established on 10.08.2022, is uniquely equipped to provide environment-friendly, innovative and disruptive HR Products and Services. We intend to bring a fresh perspective to the HR Domain. Both, Founder & Co-Founder of GreenHRM Solutions have driven various Strategic HR Initiatives and people agenda during the most dynamic phase of the organization, they have served, contributing to the business growth. We strongly believe that business must be a part of solution, a business will have to change the way it is run.

We have realised very early that there is no Business as usual anymore.

GreenHRM Solutions will be managed by a team of Talented & Experienced Professionals who have worked with reputed Corporate Houses and have the capacity, capability & passion to sensitize our clients to adopt environment-friendly HR Policies, Practices, and Culture in their organization.

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

We at GreenHRM Solutions feels that Mission and Vision Statements provide direction for everything that happens in the organization. They keep everyone focused on where the organization is going and what it is trying to achieve.

GreenHRM Solutions Mission

Our Mission

To stimulate the field of HRM to expand its role in the pursuit of environmentally sustainable business venture.

GreenHRM Solutions Vision

Our Vision

To Provide innovative, path breaking, cost-effective and environment friendly HR products and services by adopting new age digital platforms to delight 1000 customers by 2030.

Our Core Values

We at GreenHRM Solutions feel that values lay the culture foundation for what the company cares about most. It provides a common purpose that all employees should understand, work towards, live by and also it guides how employees are expected to behave with all the stakeholders:

Be Simple and provide simple solutions to Complex Problems. Impossible words will not exist. Be a Lean, efficient & professionally managed enterprise which enables decision-making at all levels.
Listen to your heart and mind. Be willing to suffer for what you love doing. Follow your Passion to live a fulfilling life and put yourself out of your comfort zone. Change the rules of the game.
Embed Imagination, Creativity, Ideas, and Innovative suggestions into your work. Continuously innovate products & services to bring forth the best HR policies and practices.
Willingness to explore more options and be open to collaborating with individuals, HR/SHE/CSR professionals, organizations, and service providers. Bring long-lasting positive impacts to your client's business growth.
Break stereotypes, understand future blind spots, and realize the importance of the Environment over the Economy. Consider Environment as a survival strategy. Walk the talk in the true sense.

Management & Leadership Practices

GreenHRM Solutions will be managed by a team of Talented & Experienced Professionals who have worked with reputed Corporate Houses and have the Capacity, Capability & Passion to sensitize our clients to adopt environment friendly HR Policies, Practices and Culture in the organization.

We all know that we are living together in a shrinking Globe where technology is reinventing our lives in multiple ways. The Buzzwords (SMAC - Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud) have perhaps become central to all aspects of organisation, and we can not ignore it in our organisation.

Apart from addressing SMAC, we will also keep an eye on (VUCA - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) business scenario and to mitigate that we have adopted our Core Values from Day One. We intend to strengthen it with every passage of time. Our management & leadership practices will revolve around and ensure its deployment at all the levels of the organisation.

The culture foundation of GreenHRM Solutions is a framework which we call it as SPICE which revolves around Simplicity, Passion, Innovation, collaboration and Environment. We will strive to reinforce these core values into our life to SPICEup clients business and bring new flavour on the table.

We have further adopted 5C Model, to strengthen our management & leadership practices in all our decision making:

  • Capacity - Manpower Number,
  • Capability - Skill & Competence,
  • Cost - Manpower Cost,
  • Connections - Communication and Digitization &
  • Compliance - Statutory & Moral Responsibility

Market Segmentation

We look at our market in six different segments and we are ready to cater to their needs looking at their size and capacity

power plant

Steel & Power





information technology

Information & Technology


Service Industry