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Helping Organizations Match Great Talent with Great Opportunity.

Recruitment Services for Leadership and middle management positions: The ability to attract and retain desired talent is critical for achieving business goals. We are an end-to-end recruitment solution provider to integrate and transform hiring across business units and can provide the best-in-class recruiting support, who will drive your organization's growth and success through the following services.   

We make hiring your growth accelerator. We understand that your company’s journey, recruitment challenges and goals are unique. Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions ensure that you have the right people and processes in place to deliver results/targets. That’s why our RPO solutions are customized to suit your business challenges :

  • Source talent using models best suited for achieving your specific hiring goals and in response to economic demands
  • Developing our own Job Portal (Under Construction)
  • Unique & Innovative Concept to enrich our data bank - Referral Program - Let’s grow together
  • Robust Candidate Screening
  • Boost the output of your in-house talent acquisition team
  • Support negotiation process (if desired by our client)

Our Unique Proposition (Focus Area) : We exclusively provide employment platform/opportunity to the undermentioned pillars of the society who needs a little support and handholding from the corporate world:

  • Physically Challenged
  • Transgender Community
  • BPL background
  • Ex- Defense Personnel
  • Professionals with Career Break

Its not just about D&I mix, but about appreciating each section of our society who are willing to contribute to the growth of our country.

Mass Recruitment Services for Junior Executives & Non Executives: We provide start to end solution for Mass Recruitment by providing enough matching profiles/candidates for interview on the desired date of event. We support our clients to meet ever increasing demand of junior management & non staff requirements in a very innovative services and we are the pioneer service provider.

Following activities are undertaken at our end:

  • Understanding of Scope of Work
  • Plan for conducting Interview
  • Target organization for sourcing candidates
  • Use of own website, recruitment portals & social media platforms for Inviting prospective candidates
  • Shortlisting of Candidates
  • Communication to Candidates for inviting them for interview
  • Booking of Venue for stay of panel members and for organising the Event

Staffing Services is a great option which provides hiring flexibility to companies where the headcount moves in accordance with Organizational Need/Performance and Business Environment. GreenHRM Solutions will be responsible for the professional handling of processes like Flexi /Temporary Recruitment (those will be under our payroll) by our dedicated team.

GreenHRM Solutions will hire and align as per your staffing requirements so that you can focus on your core business. Some of the benefits are outlined below:

  • No Legal Hassle
  • Easily respond to fluctuating workloads
  • Stay Agile & Flexible
  • Quickly fill open positions
  • Keep Manpower Cost Low

The client may also outsource the critical contractual staff or temporary staff or Fixed Term Contractual staff to our roll.

GreenHRM Solutions will manage the payroll of these employees, starting from Onboarding, receiving attendance to disbursement of salary to separation process. GreenHRM will comply with all statutory requirements, like : 

  • GPA & GMC: Value to be decided by the Client
  • Maternity cover: Value to be decided by the Client
  • EPF, ESIC, PT & LWF: As per Government norms. 
  • Salary Account: In any government bank. 
  • Employee's online portal (ESS – Employee Self Service) and issue ID Card